Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today's Lesson

Today marked the climb of the Eastbourne charity shop count from 19 to 20. Did I mention I'm in heaven? Definitely in some kind of heaven. Whilst I found very little on the clothing front (only a white blouse. Albeit an awesome double-breasted white blouse), I bought more shoes than I have in the past year. TWO pairs. I know, right? Don't laugh. It's far more difficult than one might think when you're a size 41 veggie lady who's heart won't let her buy new leather goods and refuses to get a proper job. Life is hard. Today's lesson, straight from charity's mouth to my attentive ears, is that vintage men's shoes hold the future. So expect much of them as I tot around in androgonous patent things and second-hand leather. Along with the shoes of today, I'm also very much in love with the backpack. And the owls. And everything.

From left to right: Patent shoes, £1. Handbag, £1.50. Owl vase, £1. Pearl necklace, 50 pence. Back pack, £3. Little owl (he packs a punch, such a heavyweight little guy), 50 pence. Blue sectioned shoes, £1.

All together, I came away with change from a tenner. Rather, Bobby came away with change from a tenner. The English are yet to give me a bank account (apparently, what with the recession and all, having me stimulate the economy by spending my foreign money in the country is a BAD thing). Oh well, who cares? Where are your two pairs of shoes HSBC? On my size 41 feet, that's where.

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