Thursday, April 23, 2009


C&H Fabrics treated me (at the cost of a quid) to some patent goodness last week. Out of it, I have fashioned a Minnie Mouse-style bow which I very excitedly wore yesterday for a wander into town and through the stunning, and very English, Gildridge Park.

Beret: Christmas gift from my Mother
Houndstooth jacket: £2 at a Traid sale, a little charity/vintage store in Brighton
Bow: D.I.Y.
Neck tie: Waist tie from another dress
Dress: £1 from an Eastbourne charity store
Shoes: Also £1 from an Eastbourne charity store

P.S. If you're wondering what that strange hunchback that you can see in my shadow is (I know I was), it's my bag. My lovely awesome bag.


leila wylie said...

Great bow! I give you serious props for DIY-ing. I love the whole outfit.

lizzle said...

Squirrels are the best part of England I think =)
Great outfit, love the bag and shoes especially.

_nina_malvada_ said...

i love the idea of the huge matches almost with everything..

and the bag gives a 90's feeling...

Anonymous said...

oh this is so lovely, the bow, the leggings, the shoes, the whole thing, i love it!

Sadie said...

I love this outfit! You have gooood charity shops :)

cocorosa said...

love these photo's and love your outfit :)

McCall said...

very very very cute jacket!!

Isabel said...

Your shoes are seriously PERFECT. I've always wanted a pair like that but have never been able to find any!

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